TimeAttack 2017

The only event planned this year is a Swedish TimeAttack festival run by TimeAttacknu
It is the largest and fastest series in Sweden with over 100 prepaid drivers for 2017
The festival is run under a high noise condition which means the cars sounds like they should...
The car will be batteling against Swedens absolute fastest cars in the [U] Unlimited class
Simple rules - almost no restrictions.... Free tires, free structure, free engine, free weight, free transmission, etc. Only offcenter driver is required (no formula cars)
Dates in the TimeAttacknu calender
22-23 Maj -- Kinnekulle Ring (Kinnekulle)
3-4 Juli -- Mantorp Park (Mantorp)
23 Augusti -- Gelleråsen (Karlskoga)
9-10 Oktober -- Ring Knutstorp (Knutstorp)
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A few other extreme contenders in [U] 2017 are:
Rickard "Supramannen" Cornacchini - Porsche 997 Turbo RSR
Peter "Puppan" Eriksson - Porsche 997 Turbo RSR
Gustaf Burström - Porsche 968 GTR
Peter Schmidt - Volvo 360 F1
For more information visit:
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