Interested in supporting this insane build!?
To be able to continue develop the car I need financial support...
I have spent all my spare time and all my savings for over fifteen years.
Time is a bit harder to find nowadays, but still possible.
Cash is even harder due to family with three kids
There are two ways to contribute:
Sweden - SWISH: 0703-020062
International - PayPal:
Include: Name, country, mail (for updatepush)
You decide the amount - every dollar counts and will go strait into the build
If you want to expose your company please contact me regarding sponsorship instead
Rank depends on the size of contribution
If you are on the list you will get a mail every time I update - if you want to of course....
Rank Name Country Year
#1 Linda Nilsson Sweden 2014
#2 Gabriella Fischer Sweden 2014
#3 Robin Fischer Sweden 2014